Facial Surgery FAQ

Most cosmetic surgery is elective, and therefore most insurance plans will not cover it. However, there are exceptions such as:
  • Functional rhinoplasty and the portions of nasal surgery for breathing improvement
  • Blepharoplasty for decreased visual fields
  • Facelift surgery for facial paralysis.
In these instances, we will help you work with your insurance provider.
Plastic surgery is sought by and performed for anyone looking to enhance their appearance and strengthen their confidence. It is no longer done for just the rich and famous. Because of this changing trend, more options have become available. We offer financing through Care Credit, and can work with you to obtain your goals in an affordable way. We’re here only to help you achieve your goal, and offer a host of surgical and non-surgical options so that we can construct a plan that best works with you.
We pride ourselves on our surgical outcomes. We strive to achieve natural appearing enhancements, and work hard to make sure you don’t look “surgical”. During your consultation we will discuss your exact goal for surgery, and show you a computer simulation of your photo’s to project our surgical goal. This will help you understand what can be achieved for you.

Absolutely. In fact, it makes perfect sense to have one recovery time period for both surgeries. If you have recurrent sinus infections, or headaches and facial pressure, ask Dr. Undavia if having your sinuses opened is right for you.

Absolutely not! In fact, as we age, the functional aspect of rhinoplasty becomes so much more important. A droopy tip can contribute to nasal obstruction. Furthermore, nasal obstruction can synergistically act with other aspects of your breathing to decrease your quality of life. With only a week of down time, you can breathe better and permanently improve your quality of life, while also improving the appearance of your nose!

Injectables have the quickest downtimes, which are typically just a few hours. For the most part, the only aspect of the downtime is the appearance of the needle sticks that persists for a few hours. After that, its business as usual!
There are many ways to address the eyelid / eyebrow / forehead complex. Surgery is not indicated for everyone, and frankly not an option for many. For these patients, injectables can be the perfect anecdote. Typically, wrinkle relaxers (Botox ® & Dysport® ) with or without wrinkle fillers (Juvederm®, Restylane®) are needed.

Princeton Eye & Ear is a group of Otolaryngologists – Head and Neck (Ear Nose and Throat) Surgeons, and Ophthamologists. Dr. Undavia is an attending physician within the group.

Form meets function. Dr. Undavia believes that in order to deliver sophisticated cosmetic and reconstructive care of the face and neck, it is of absolute importance that he be an expert in all areas of the face and neck.

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